Skip Krasny

Skip Krasny
Manager - Sustainable Forestry Programs

Stakeholders' Views on Our Reporting

Beginning in December 2012, we engaged a third party to reach out to a number of our stakeholders whose opinions we value, to seek input on how well our sustainability report provided transparent, comprehensive and accessible coverage of key issues. In addition, stakeholders were asked for their views on the sustainability issues they expected would have a significant impact on Kimberly-Clark in the future.

Stakeholders from eight groups (business partners, suppliers, customers, employees, investors, socially responsible investors, NGOs and academics) were engaged through telephone interviews and, when requested, written questionnaires. To the extent possible, we have incorporated their recommendations from that engagement in this report.

Our ongoing engagement, summarized in the following table (in no particular order), takes many forms — from one-way information channels to consumer and customer research, dialogues with environmental organizations, and partnerships with humanitarian organizations. Click here for a complete stakeholder engagement breakdown.

In addition, we communicate our progress to the shareholder and investment communities through our 2013 10-K, on the Investors section of our corporate website, in our public SEC filings, as well as through investor and shareholder meetings, analyst-sponsored conferences and distribution of our sustainability report.

Listening to the Consumers Who Use Our Products

We welcome input from the consumers who use our products and provide them with a variety of ways to reach us, including web chats, email, social media, toll-free phone numbers and mail.

  • Consumers who reached out to Kimberly-Clark in 2012 in North America and Europe:
  • Consumer satisfaction surveys in North America:
  • Favorable experiences with Consumer Services Teams when they responded to questions and comments about products, ingredients, advertising and promotions:
  • Consumers intending to purchase Kimberly-Clark products in the future:

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